GLOW is made for women who continue to give through life’s struggle! We believe life is precious and at times difficult.  Not only do we create products that are healthy for you and the environment we desire to be a blessing to those going through tough times. 

Cancer, Law Enforcement and Human Trafficking

Our founder, Shayne Locke (Corson), fought kidney cancer as a 16 month old baby. Surgery would take her kidney and adrenal gland. Weekly Chemo sessions would leave her nauseated and vomiting on the long drive home. It was her mother who sat in the hospitals, shed tears and held her through it all. Not knowing if she would lose her precious girl she never gave up hope. Glow believes moms are a gift and wants to give back to them. 


As an adult Shayne also battled a rare tumor called Pheochromocytoma. In the three year battle for her life, she fought against all odds, including the hopeless advice of five medical doctors. Eventually she discovered a team of doctors willing to perform a rare and dangerous surgery that left her with 1/3 of one adrenal gland. Shayne is a living testimony that life is worth Glowing! 

It was during recovery she sat in waiting rooms meeting beautiful woman fighting cancer as well. Shayne’s continues to visit waiting rooms to encourage women who are fighting or fighting for their children to survive cancer. Glow wants to give to women not giving up on hope!

Shayne is the daughter of a retired Law Enforcement Officer. She grew up knowing the stress it put on her mother and siblings wondering if her dad would be coming home safe. Her heart is for those serving our communities and loves giving back to those giving daily. 

Monthly Glow Give Away!

As a result, every month Glow Cares sends a package to a much deserving woman. If you know of a woman who:

  • Has a child fighting cancer or fighting it themselves
  • Lost a loved one to suicide
  • Mother/Wife/Significant other of a Law Enforcement Officer or Law Enforcement Officer themselves

please let us. You can nominate them on our social media page to receive a gift of love from our hearts. 

Human Trafficking

Glow also recognizes the devastating reality of human trafficking plaguing our world today.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime reports “The most common form of human trafficking (79%) is sexual exploitation. The victims of sexual exploitation are predominantly women and girls. Worldwide, almost 20% of all trafficking victims are children.”

This is why Glow donates to organizations fighting to bring home those caught in this travesty.