Shayne's Story

Shayne Locke is the owner of Glow Aesthetics with 20 years of experience in the advanced skin technologies and medical grade skin care. As a two time cancer survivor (infant and an adult) Shayne knows the value of life and how precious it is.

Having survived cancer in the middle of her Aesthetic career and experiencing its damaging effect on the skin, Shayne tirelessly searched for products which would bring back her glow. Not being satisfied with what she found, she decided to launch her own line of Medical Grade Skin Care Products.

In addition to cancer being a stress on her skin, her husband of ten years tragically committed suicide sending her life and skin into chaos. With consistent counseling, diet modification and proper rest Shayne slowly renewed and revived her life. During this time she also discovered new ingredients to introduce into Glow’s product formulations to compensate for new skin issues. She is excited to share these products with you.

In 2019 Shayne reconnected with long time friend, Heath Locke. After hundreds of long distance phone calls and countless facetime chats their friendship deepened into a redemptive love.

In 2020 they married in sunny California after their Greece wedding was canceled due to Covid-19. They currently live in Oregon and love spending time with family, doing simple things and enjoying outdoor adventures.